Varenita of Westlake
Varenita of Westlake, a project the Thousand Oaks mayor called, “a classic case study of how to do it right.”
Video: Learn how the Griffin team worked with La Sierra University to develop raw land owned by the university in Riverside California.

Senior Housing Development Community Partners

Griffin Living is an award-winning developer with a long history of cultivating close relationships with community stakeholders. Our key values are integrity, hard work, and problem solving, traits that have cemented our sterling reputation in forging community partnerships.

When we partner with a new set of community stakeholders, our first priority is listening to the objectives, constraints, and concerns of our partners. We work with homeowners associations, city councils, chambers of commerce, and more to evaluate how a new property can augment, rather than diminish, a community’s culture. We have honed these listening skills for decades, and were proud to display them in our recent Varenita of Westlake project in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Thousand Oaks is known to be selective in granting development privileges. The residents cherish their community and guard its character closely, and were initially skeptical of our proposal to create an assisted living and memory care community. Soon, however, Griffin and Thousand Oaks stakeholders were working together in harmony.


Acorn of Thousand Oaks

MARCH 22, 2018

From our partners

Griffin Living’s Varenita of Westlake project is a classic case study of how to do it right.

Andy Fox, Mayor of Thousand Oaks, CA

The Griffin Living team did a great job showing us how the demand for local senior housing is growing and worked closely with our residents to ensure their development met the needs of our community. They listened and found creative solutions. In the end, their project received a unanimous vote in the city council.

Linda Spencer, President of the Westlake Hills Property Owners Association

Through years of working with Griffin Living, we have learned that they build for the future. They invest in infrastructure to ensure their buildings are safe in the long-term and are environmentally sustainable.

Saeed Bekam, CEO at Gouvis Engineering

I’ve known the Griffin Living management team for years. They are practical, honest, and creative in their problem solving. They don’t cut corners: whether it’s for approvals in hydrology, traffic, soil engineering, or public safety, Griffin Living makes sure that every aspect of their work is beyond technical specifications.

William Cunningham, CEO of Diamond West Inc.

Griffin Living sets a standard of excellence and creativity that results in beautiful projects, even when they start with enormous design challenges. I’ve seen them turn a subterranean garage into livable, naturally lit space. I’m excited to see what they’re thinking up next.

Phil Stevens, Senior Project Manager at Land Concern

Griffin Living is razor focused on the happiness of their residents. No detail is too small. In Varenita at Simi Valley, they put in a classic 1940’s barbershop, complete with badger brushes, lush leather seats, and even a vintage streetcar mounted on the wall. Their passion for design is clear from the quality of their developments.

Jason Shuster, CEO of Conley 360

The leadership of Griffin Living has decades of experience in community planning. They get projects approved with a myriad of local, state, and federal stipulations that many other developers cannot navigate. It’s always a pleasure to do a project with them.

Toby Waxman, CEO of Entitlement Strategies