About Us

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About Us

Griffin Living is an award-winning, privately-owned real estate development firm headquartered in Calabasas, CA. The firm was founded in 2016 by Paul Griffin III, a fifth-generation home builder with thirty years of expertise in real estate development.

Griffin Living develops and maintains properties across the United States. We are committed to crafting innovative communities in partnership with community stakeholders, and apply our value-driven development philosophy to ensure that these properties represent strong investments for our capital partners.

The Griffin team has decades of experience in developing communities of all types, including residential, commercial, retail, and master planning. We are currently focused on building a sizable portfolio of senior living communities, because we believe that we are redefining the landscape of senior living. Our communities are rooted in the honor and dignity of aging, and we prioritize features and amenities that cater to residents’ independent, active, and vibrant lifestyles.

Griffin Living Senior Management